Ways To Improve Office Air Quality

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Business Hygiene

The quality of air you breathe affects your quality of life, especially if you suffer from allergies. There are several things that could lower the quality of air ranging from outdoor allergies to unpleasant odors. Fortunately, there are several things you could do to help improve the air quality in your business.

Outdoor Allergens

There are several things that affect the quality of air you breath. If you have allergies, the things that trigger them are not left outdoors when you enter your office. Think of how pollination occurs by the transfer of pollen from one flower to another by attaching to a carrier. The same thing happens with people. All of the allergens floating outside cling to your clothing and hair and follow you inside wherever you go. These allergens will also enter your office through open windows or doors.

Indoor Allergens

Outdoor allergens are not the only thing that could affect your quality of air. There are several things that will accumulate in nooks and crannies of your business such as dust and molds. Pesky critters such as cockroaches, dust mites, and mice also reduce the air quality if they are present. Another thing that you might not think of as reducing air quality is cleaning agents. Some cleaning agents have harmful chemicals that are released into the air. You have probably heard of aerosols destroying the earth’s ozone layer. The same harmful materials are also being released into the air you breathe.

Changing Air Filters

There are several things you could do to improve the air quality in your office or business. One of the main things you could do is invest in a good filter for your air conditioning system. This important system cycles the air through your building and if it is unable to filter the unwanted particles, they are just going to be floating around in the air. There are several different types of filters with varying filtration level. If you have allergies, it is best to invest in a filter that is designed for the purpose of filtering allergens.

Stopping Dust

Dust is one of those things that likes to hide in every place you don’t think of when you are cleaning, such as behind cabinets and in blinds. If you have things that are shelved, remove them from the shelves for cleaning purposes. Always dust with a wet cloth, otherwise, the particles are just going to float back into the air. If you have an office or business that is too large for staff to clean regularly, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Preventing Mold

The best thing to handle mold problems is preventative steps. Mold likes to grow in moist areas, so if you notice a leak or any water that has accumulated, dry the area thoroughly as quickly as possible. If there is no moisture, mold is unable to grow. To treat an existing mold problem use a solution that contains bleach because as this will help kill the mold spores.

Air Fresheners

Another factor of business air quality is scents. Depending on the environment in the building, certain odors can be irritating to staff or customers. An excellent way to prevent this is by using air fresheners. Air fresheners for businesses come in a variety of scents and delivery systems. Finding the right air freshener for your office can make everyone’s day a little better.

Being able to breathe is something that everyone needs in their office space. Allergies and asthma are no fun for anyone. Taking these steps will help improve the air quality in your building and help you and your staff breathe easy. For more information about boosting air quality in your office, contact Business Hygiene of Central Texas, a San Marcos janitorial service, to speak to a professional.

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