Types of Air Purifiers
For Office Hygiene in San Marcos

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Air purifiers assist HVAC systems to improve the quality of your indoor air. They do this by filtering the particles that can give you allergy and accumulate in ducts. There are different types of air purifiers in the market and below are the 5 most common types used as air purifiers in San Marcos, TX.

UV Air Purifier

UV purifiers work using electromagnetic radiation that kills pathogens and bacteria in your air. UV air purifiers handle risky issues that come from having yeast, molds, and viruses. However, they are not as efficient to use with allergens, cigarette smoke, gases, and dust that may be present in the air. It is only a germicide and for best performance, it should be paired with other systems. Some people prefer to add UV lights to an HVAC system and others use it in conjunction with another air purifier that can handle impurities in the air.

Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifiers are made in ionic generators and are best for getting rid of smoke. The generator sends out negatively charged ions which attract dust, debris, and allergens with a positive charge. This goes on until the debris and dust particles are too heavy to remain airborne. They thus fall to the floor where they cannot be inhaled and can be swept or vacuumed easily. They, however, can produce ozone as a dangerous by-product. If this is a problem you can choose a different type of air purifier.

Carbon Filtration

An activated carbon filter is another type of air purifier that keeps the air in your home healthy. It works through a method called adsorption. The purifier features activated carbon in granular form which is the key component of the filter. It is porous meaning that one gram can hold a lot of impurities over a surface area of more than 500 meters squared. Adsorption occurs when the organic particles in the air come into contact with the activated carbon and a chemical reaction occurs sticking them on the carbon. They are used with HEPA units for optimal performance in trapping and removing dust, smoke, and pet hair among others.

Ozone Air Purifier

These work by feeding ozone into the air in your home. Ozone is what protects the atmosphere from UV radiation and is now being used to purify the air in homes. Ozone oxidizes the impurities in the air in your home which is an effective way of killing mold and removing odors.
However, there are health concerns that have been raised in regard to ozone air purifiers. When not in the atmosphere, ozone is a pollutant. It oxidizes things it touches making it a danger to you and your household. This is why it is preferred mostly for commercial purposes.

HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters are the most common types of air purifiers today. These work using three components for complete filtration. In the first method, it traps particles from the air. Secondly, impaction traps the larger particle’s filter by slamming into them and embedding them. The third method is diffusion which interrupts the flight pattern of air impurities making it easy to trap them. HEPA purifiers make the best air purifying units due to their high performance and almost zero limitations. This would be a great option for improving your office hygiene in San Marcos.

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