What Is Cedar Fever? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Improving Office Hygiene in San Marcos

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When winter hits in Texas, it’s that time when cedar pollen is at its worst. You might also call it “Cedar Fever.” If you’re someone who is prone to this allergy, then check out this infographic for information on how to prevent the symptoms and reduce the allergens in your home and workplace. If you’re having trouble viewing the infographic, tap or click the image to open a larger version in a new browser tab.

Infographic on Dealing with Cedar Fever Allergies—Read below for text version

Cedar Fever is a cedar allergy in Central Texas that typically starts around the wintertime right before Christmas and can last into February or even March. The most common symptoms of Cedar Fever include itchy red watery eyes, head congestion, severe coughing, severe sneezing and runny nose. At their worst, symptoms can be as bad as muscle aches and overall body fatigue. Over-the-counter medicine can help relieve these symptoms, but stopping the allergens from entering your home or workplace is usually a better idea.

Stopping Allergens In Your Home

Keeping allergens out of your home and your nose is as easy as keeping your windows shut. Keeping your car windows closed is likewise a good way to keep the pollen and dust from floating around in your vehicle. As nice as fall breezes can be, they can carry in pollen and allergens from outside. Make sure to have clean air filters in your AC unit to prevent dust and allergen buildup. Keeping your floors and home dust-free will also eliminate the potential chance of experiencing Cedar Fever.

Maintaining Office Hygiene In Your San Marcos Workplace

If you work outside or are doing yard work then wearing a dust mask is a good preventative of allergies and keeping Cedar Fever at bay. If you work a desk job then it might be a good idea to run an air purifier on your desk to cycle out pollen and allergens that might have gotten in through the air system. Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean and sanitize your workplace will help remove potential allergens and germs from surfaces and the air.

Other Methods of Allergy Relief

Even after doing all of the above to the best of your abilities, you might still be having symptoms of Cedar Fever. Well, there are a few other options you can follow through with to help alleviate the symptoms. You can find nasal sprays that are applied in the nasal cavity and antihistamines at your local drug store. Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), are designed to treat your specific allergy triggers. They go under your tongue daily and help provide relief. Allergy shots, or immunotherapy, are another way to find year-round relief. Getting allergy tested is the first step to getting a customized allergy plan for you.

General Hygiene For Allergy Relief

Washing your face and hands after coming indoors are good method to help prevent allergies. Using cleaning supplies in San Marcos when washing your hands can kill germs to prevent sickness and transfer of germs to your face if you are liable to touch your face often. Preventing dust from clinging to your bed sheets, comforter and pillow case as well as keeping it from clinging to your clothes will help in preventing allergy symptoms.

How A Cleaning Company Can Help Your Allergies

Hiring a local cleaning company is a fantastic solution to help keep surface areas, air vents, and common areas of your home clean and free of germs and allergens with hygiene cleaning supplies. Using antibacterial cleaning products will sanitize dirty areas of your home and increase office hygiene in San Marcos to keep germs at bay and prevent allergy symptoms like those of Cedar Fever.

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