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Hygiene Cleaning Supplies

The Sanitation Specialists

BUSINESS HYGIENE specializes in restroom management, products and service.

The most important part of our business is helping our customers keep their restrooms clean, odor free, and attractive with restroom cleaning chemicals in Texas. We are different from many companies of this type, because we go the extra mile in avoiding cross contamination and using very special cleaning and sanitizing methods.

Restroom Sanitation Is…

Good for People

  • Shows you care about the people who use your facilities.

  • Counteracts some of the health hazards in restrooms by killing germs and bacteria on toilets, urinals and sinks.

  • Maintains a safer level of health protection for restroom users through use of the residual-action sanitizer.

  • Provides a clean, pleasant restroom environment for users.

Good for Business

  • Benefits you, your customers and your employees in numerous ways.

  • Improves employee moral by providing safer restroom fixtures and a pleasing restroom environment.

  • Enhances the image of your company, assisting your efforts for profitable business growth.

  • Reduces the likelihood of customer complaints concerning poor restroom conditions, thereby helping to encourage return business.

How Do We Control Infections?

An Exclusive System

The BUSINESS HYGIENE Cleaning Supplies System effectively limits the cross-contamination cycle in the restroom through the professional application of bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties of its exclusive system.

Long-Term Control

Disease-causing bacteria and other harmful microbes are killed through the bactericidal properties and their future growth is controlled at safe levels through its residual bacteriostatic properties.

Expert Technicians

Our professionally trained technicians are Infection Control Specialists. They are equipped to control pathogens at their source on restroom fixtures, remove nutrient sources, and eliminate the risk of those invisible dangerous pathogenic agents.

BUSINESS HYGIENE unique System functions around the clock… twenty-four hours a day… week after week.

When you see this label, you can trust your good health to BUSINESS HYGIENE!

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