Essential Dusting Tools For Businesses
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Anyone who’s stepped into a less than sanitary business knows how repellent the experience can be. Consumers forced to shop in dirty stores will likely not return. Employees who don’t have access to hygienic bathrooms or work environments will perform at a diminished capacity.

It’s important that business hygiene be a priority that workers and owners take seriously. Poor hygiene standards hurt a business’ productivity and efficiency, so owners should be aware of the tools they need to maintain a clean and pleasant business space.

Below are 5 of the best dusting tools for businesses with a range of environments and surfaces to clean.

“Backpack” Vacuum Cleaners

Dusting is not a process of dispersing dust. Scattering dust particles from one corner to another is not the point. The point is to pick up dust and dispose of it appropriately.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are perhaps the most versatile weapon in any dusting arsenal. Vacuum cleaners with shoulder straps and ergonomic lightweight designs allow for maximum efficiency and mobility. Most come with attachments that support multipurpose dusting on a range of surfaces.

It’s not just floors that need cleaning. Backpack vacuums allow for dusting at all elevations. Rechargeable cordless units are best because long cords can easily become cumbersome to the user, and a safety concern in busy environments.

Push Vacuums

Traditional push vacuums can be almost as useful as vacuums with shoulder straps. As with backpack models, most push vacuums come with multipurpose attachments for flexibility in reaching hard to access surfaces.

In environments such as stores or public spaces, the cord can be an issue. Pedestrians can trip over a long cord when stretched out across the floor. Again, the rechargeable units are the best bet.

Make sure that vacuums are equipped with removable HEPA dust filters that are cleaned and replaced. The filters should detach for stress-free cleaning and not be hard to reattach to get the unit ready for its next job. Detachment and reattachment should be intuitive and easy for anyone to do.

Dust Mops

Dust mops are low-priced alternatives to traditional floor vacuums. That’s the good news. The bad news is that dust mops are only suitable for floors.

Dust mops should have easily removable disposable heads because they will need to be changed, cleaned, or replaced often.

When using a dust mop be sure to purchase a range of head, frame, and pole sizes. When it comes to dust mops, one size does not fit all situations. Many frames and head options are available. Mop heads can be cleaned after every use with a suitable vacuum attachment.

Dust Mop Treatments

Many varieties of dust mop treatments are available as aerosol sprays. Any dust mop or handheld duster will perform much better after being treated. The sprays are often water-based and allow for dusting, cleaning, and polishing with one swipe.

Dust mop treatments make dusting much easier because they catch dust and hold it to the mop surface, making for easier disposal.


An old fashioned hand duster always comes in handy. Feather dusters are perfect for quick touch-ups and maintaining dust-free environments after the deep cleaning has been completed.

In today’s world of heightened health concerns, maintaining a sanitary work environment helps businesses at all levels. Workers and consumers alike are increasingly concerned about viruses and unclean public spaces, so keeping your space clean is important.

Above are five essential dusting tools. Since a healthy and sanitary business environment is becoming increasingly necessary, business owners would do well to consider using all or most of the suggestions above, for the health and safety of all concerned. If you would like more information about equipment to help keep your business clean, contact Business Hygiene of Central Texas. Our San Marcos janitorial supply experts will be happy to help.

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