Masks & Gloves: How They Help

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Business Hygiene

Even when we are not living our lives under the shadow of a pandemic, proper hygiene practices should be practiced by us all. Of course, we all know now about how important gloves, wipes for our hands and other personal sanitation gear is. However, simply having the stuff may not be sufficient if you have no idea ho to use it to get the best results. Here we discuss information as to why you should wear gloves and a mask for your daily routine.

How to Use a Mask

The whole point of a mask is to let you breathe freely without inhaling harmful contaminants. It is really important that your mask make an airtight seal on your face. Of course, if your job included dangerous chemicals or fluids being splashed on your face, you will be glad of any protection, even if it is not the best that you can get.

Different Kinds of Masks

For most people, and most circumstances, the N95 mask is an appropriate one. All N95 masks are certified by an offshoot of the CDC and are guaranteed to block up to 95% of the particulates in your breathing air. You will want to seek out masks that have been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), they will include on the package a graphic number indicating how well a mask is rated.

Wash Hands Well and Often

It is important that people be able to adequately clean their hands if there are no gloves left. Educating a lot of people on the correct procedure of washing their hands may seem like a hard task, but when we consider just how important it is, it becomes a little easier.

Different Sizes of Gloves

Much like the hands of two people will be very different in size, you should expect all who use your gloves to need different sizes.You can expect someone who does not fit in your largest size to squeeze into the next size down, but to get a container consisting solely of ‘smalls’ and expecting everyone to be safe and happy with them is a whole different problem.

Make Sure They Fit

This is an important message for all safety gear. You want to wear everything correctly and really protect yourself. Make sure gloves are tight, with no large air bubbles, or tears. Make sure your mask fits tightly to your face, and the mask is perfectly lined up with the bridge of your nose.

It can be really hard to know if you have prepared well enough for future pandemics, but first you should focus on getting through this one. But these tips on how to use hygiene equipment will keep you even safer.

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