Your Business’s Entryway: Cleaning And Appearance

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No matter what sort of business you work with, a customer’s first impression of your storefront matters. The appearance of your business can be the difference in a return customer or one that just backs out of your parking lot. To make sure that customers get a great first impression that will keep them coming back, check out the tips below.

Parking Lot

While the inside of your business is important, the first thing customers actually see when they arrive at your storefront is your parking lot. Make sure that you sweep up any stray trash that finds its way into your lot as often as you can. Sweep sidewalks to make sure that they are free from excessive debris, especially after a storm. It’s a good idea to also keep a trash can available in your lot to encourage people to properly dispose of potential litter.

Windows and Doors

Keeping your windows and doors clean is another great way to improve a business’s appearance. It’s suggested to clean windows as often as once a week. Even if you have a professional window cleaner come in occasionally, it doesn’t hurt for staff to clean the windows every now and then in between when the professional cleaners arrive. Doors should be cleaned more often. Once a day is suggested, not just for the sake of appearance, but also to clean germs away from door handles that receive a lot of use.


No one wants to be overwhelmed by scents, even good ones. However, making sure that customers get a breath of fresh air when they enter a business can help give them a positive experience. Make sure that trash cans near the doors are emptied regularly to avoid unpleasant smells. You can also consider a quality air freshener for your business. There are a variety of automated air fresheners available, such as metered sprays, and most come with many scent options. Choose a scent that complements your business, or one that’s associated with the current season.


Keeping floors clean is a great way to improve the first impression customers have of your business, but it’s also necessary for safety. If the entryway flooring is carpet, ensure that edges do not peel up. For tile floors, any cracked pieces should be replaced immediately to prevent tripping hazards. Ensure that the floor is clean as well. Vacuum carpet daily to remove debris tracked in from outside. Wash and polish tile floors often, and sweep daily. Remember to put up safety signs to warn customers about wet floors when mopping.

Special Weather Safety

Take special care with your entryway floor during stormy weather. Snow, hail, and rain can all lead to water being tracked inside your business. This can be unsightly and also unsafe. Floor mats can often be used to remedy this. An outside mat can help capture mud and debris from shoes, and an indoor mat will prevent water from being tracked onto the floor.

The most effective floor mats will span the entire walkway so that those entering don’t accidentally miss it. Be especially vigilant about wet floors, even with a floor mat. Put up caution signs to warn customers of slipping hazards, mop up water when necessary, and change floor mats when those in use become too wet to soak up any more excess water.

If you would like more information about improving your business’s appearance, or would like to inquire about professional cleaning, contact Business Hygiene of Central Texas in San Marcos, TX.

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