The Importance Of Clean Floors For Your Business

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Biz Hygiene

Professional cleaning services know that a business’s appearance affects customers’ perceptions of that business. Businesses that have a clean, polished appearance often gain a more positive reception from customers than businesses that don’t. The largest area that most businesses have to worry about keeping clean is their floor. That’s why contract cleaners and janitorial services must take special care to ensure that their clients’ floors stay sparkling.

Types of Flooring

Before deciding on the best method to clean a building’s floor, professional cleaning services must take note of the type of flooring. This is important information to be aware of. The cleaning techniques used on carpet, vinyl, wood, and other materials can vary, and using the wrong chemical on certain types of flooring can result in expensive damage. Before cleaning a floor for the first time, always determine what type of flooring it is. If it isn’t obvious, such as a vinyl floor that appears to be tile, ask before using chemicals on it.

Where to Concentrate

In many buildings, the entire floor area does not need to be cleaned daily. Some less traveled areas don’t accumulate as much dirt, so a less frequent cleaning will keep them looking nice. However, the busiest areas of the building need to have their floors cleaned every day. Make sure to determine which areas of the floor receive the most traffic, and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned each day. Not only will this keep these visible areas looking clean and professional, a regular and thorough cleaning can also help extend the life of the flooring material.

Dealing with Grout

Grout between floor tiles presents a particular challenge when cleaning. While the grout on many floors appears to be dark grey or black, in reality it should probably be white. Because grout is porous, even if floors are mopped daily, or even multiple times per day, this won’t help keep grout clean. Moisture left behind from mopping will carry anything that was on the floor into the grout, and it stays there, building up every time the floor is mopped.

In residential situations, it’s possible to clean grout with a cleaning solution and a brush to scrub between tiles. However, in commercial buildings this would be nearly impossible, and certainly unpleasant. One solution is to use a cleaning system that uses a vacuum to remove moisture after cleaning. Many janitorial supply companies carry spray and vacuum equipment that can accomplish this.

Keep Cleaning Methods Modern

Finally, when cleaning floors, or any area of a building, aim to use modern cleaning methods as much as possible. Cleaning with older methods, such as clothes and mops, can actually hinder sanitation by spreading contamination instead of removing it. New types of cleaning equipment are introduced every year. Utilizing some of these can help keep a building clean and help make effective cleaning more feasible for cleaning staff.

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