The Importance of Maintaining Proper Business Hygiene
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Business Hygiene

Maintaining a clean and sterile workplace is often underestimated. This doesn’t just go for tangible items such as papers, or tissues, but there are also a lot of germs that go unseen to the natural eye. Employees also work more effectively when their environment is clean and clutter free. For example, how effectively can a person work if every time that they go to grab something, they have to sort through a bunch of rubbish to locate it? All it takes is some very simple changes in order to lead to a more clutter-free and green work environment. Here are some of the ways to establish good business hygiene practices and the positive implications that result from doing so.

Reduce Paper Waste

Converting to a completely paperless business is ideal but sometimes it just isn’t attainable. So are a few tips to reduce paper waste as much as possible.

  • Store as many files and documents as you can digitally, that includes converting as many hardcopies to softcopies as possible.
  • Use double-sided printing to save on paper.
  • Remember that cover sheets on faxes are not necessary.
  • If there is a document that needs to be read company-wide, consider making it available in a central location within a binder or on a bulletin, or even an online company bulletin.
  • Shredded office paper can be repurposed into packaging filler, hence eliminating waste and reducing the amount of packaging material that needs to be purchased.

Reduce Other Forms of Waste

There are many different steps that you can take to reduce waste within your work environment. Many simple steps and small efforts can add up to tremendous improvement when it comes to business hygiene.

  • Consider using refillable ink in all printing devices to avoid throwing away lots of ink cartridges.
  • Invest more money up front so that you don’t have repeatedly buy appliances and office machines later. If you sacrifice a little more money in order to buy the best, you most likely will not have to replace it for many years to come. Versus if you decide to go a cheaper route, you’ll spend a lot of more money in the long run due replacing broken down equipment.
  • Encourage recycling to reduce and properly dispose of waste.

Make Cleanliness a Team Effort

Sometimes you don’t realize how little paper scraps, plastic wrappings, pencil shavings and food wrappers here and there can add up. Before you know it, there is a cluttered desk and an overfilled smelly trash bin.

  • Ensure that employees are aware that maintaining proper business hygiene is a team effort and to keep their personal workspaces clean.
  • Install small personal trash cans into each individual workspace.
  • Encourage employees to bring reusable silverware and food storage containers as a means to reduce trash buildup.
  • The more that employees maintain their personal workspaces, the more it reduces the overall cleaning, freeing up more time for productivity.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Unkept work spaces can be a hazard not only to employees, but for any contractors, delivery persons, customers, or any other foot traffic that may pass through, and can result in injuries and lawsuits.

  • Make sure that all floors are clean and dry, to prevent slip and falls. Even if a floor is dry but sticky, it can interrupt a person’s stride and result in a fall. A fall can also come with other potential dangers to a person such as sprains, broken bones, or concussions.
  • Keep quality cleaning products well stocked. With viruses such as the flu, a cold, or even pink eye being so contagious, it’s important to always have a disinfectant on hand. An overall disinfectant, as well as personal wipes that employees can grab to wipe down any fomites that may have been contaminated.
  • Clean and efficient light fixtures promote safety, as dirty fixtures can compromise employee safety. The workplace needs to be well lit at all times, especially while going up and down stairs or operating machinery.
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of harmful chemicals breathed in and handled by switching to Green cleaning products.

Your business should be represented in the best light possible. Proper business hygiene allows for a more stress-free and productive workplace. It also leaves a positive impression on the customers because they feel that if you take pride in your work, you will also take pride in servicing their needs.

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