Places Germs are Hiding in Your Workplace

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Business Hygiene

It is no secret that germs are everywhere. You can find them in your work environment, at home, or even on the street. However, there are places where you will be exposed to more germs than usual and should take extra precautions to protect yourself from getting sick. Germs can live and thrive in a workplace environment. The question is, where are they hiding? In the desk drawer? Under your keyboard? Upon the shelf with all of those dusty old books from years ago? All of these places may seem obvious to you, but what about other areas in your workspace? Below are places where germs are hiding in your workplace.

Your desk drawer

It is a well-known fact that germs love things like paper, pencils, and pens. They thrive in spaces with no light, which just so happens to be the same place where the utensils in your desk are kept. You may not think twice about using these items when you come into work, but other people may have been using them before you, especially if they are shared among a certain number of employees.

Under your keyboard

Your keyboard can become a significant source of germs and bacteria over time, especially if you work in an environment where other people use the same computer as you. One study found that there were more than 18 million germs per square inch on the bottom of an office keyboard. Also, it is nearly impossible to disinfect all of the crevices underneath where your keys are located.

The fridge

Many people spend time at work stocking or organizing the company fridge. What may be even more common is for you to pop open a drink without thinking about it, only to realize at lunchtime that you have grabbed someone else’s drink by mistake. This can happen quite often when there are multiple drinks in one place that are not clearly labeled.

The printer

Many people spend time in front of the printer when they are trying to print something out at work, but what you may not realize is that there are germs hiding inside of it. One study found that there were more than 200 different kinds of bacteria living inside your workplace printer. In addition, some cultures have found that the more expensive a printer is, the higher number of germs it will have.

The coffee machine

This one may come as a surprise to you, but your office coffee machine can get pretty dirty after a while. You never even think about this fact when you make yourself a cup of coffee each morning during break time. According to one study, coffee machines can contain vast amounts of coliform bacteria.

The company phone

If you work in an office, there is a good chance that the company phone is something you use regularly. However, it isn’t just your fingers that are touching this object on a daily basis throughout the day. Your coworker may pick up the phone and dial a number while coughing or sneezing, which could leave behind germs.

The window blinds

Although it is usually pretty obvious which surface in your office has the most amount of germs, some things still manage to slip under the radar from time to time. One study found that the window blinds in an office are one of the dirtiest places to hang out. Even though you may not touch these surfaces directly, it is still possible for your hands to come into contact with them.

The office floors

The office floor can be a breeding ground for many types of germs and bacteria. This is because the floors take a lot of abuse from shoes, feet, and carts that are constantly passing by. According to one study, office floors can contain anywhere from 420,000 organisms per square inch to 1 million organisms per square inch.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the types of germs that you are exposed to on a regular basis in your workplace. Not only will this help you understand how important it is to clean the surfaces with disinfectant, but it can also lead to improved health for all employees in the long run.

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