Scent Marketing: Choosing the Right Scent for Your Business

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Business Hygiene

The smell of nearby restaurants can be tantalizing, encouraging passers to order a fresh meal. Smelling the pages of a new book can be equivalent to traveling in a time machine. The moment the book’s crisp smell reaches your noise you are propelled back in time to moments when you were a child reading your favorite book. What if a business could take this process of memory recollection and use it as a marketing technique? This is exactly what scent marketing is about. In the past, posters and billboards were the only way to market your business. A unique and simplistic logo design was needed to create a brand for a business. The creation of television, radios and smartphones allowed sound and scent marketing to become a possibility.

What is Scent Marketing?

In animals, the ability to smell is crucial. From the moment of birth, an animal must use its sense of smell to build a connection with its mother and learn about its surroundings. This is why the Olfactory system (the smell system) is connected directly to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memories. Marketers take advantage of the olfactory system to create a positive atmosphere and customer experience. Scent diffusers are strategically placed in a business’s location to gradually release a chosen scent into the atmosphere. The diffusers are discrete and will be unnoticeable by customers. For larger businesses, a scent machine can be connected directly to the HVAC system.

How Scent Marketing Works

Once scent diffusers are set up, businesses can expect to result in multiple ways. Consumers exposed to pleasant scents, in the right setting, tend to linger in the location longer. Casinos were the first to experiment with scent marketing. To mask the smell of smoke, relaxing scents such as cedarwood and cucumbers were gradually released into the air. The relaxing scents encouraged casino customers to linger in locations around the casino longer. Customers in scented rooms spent, on average, 45 percent more than those in unscented rooms.

Which Scent to Choose

Choosing which scent to use will require an understanding of your business’s demographics. What may work for a young demographic will not yield the same results in an older demographic. Many aspects need to be considered before picking a scent. A business could use one type of scent in the U.S and the usage of that exact, same scent could have an unintended effect in the east. Everything from culture, age, gender, to a business’s needs and previous marketing methods used can affect what scent a business should use for marketing purposes.

The Power of Scent Marketing

When scent marketing is utilized strategically, businesses are ensured a more intricate way of connecting with consumers. Scent marketing is an opportunity to alter a consumer’s, or even an employee’s experience while interacting with a business location. Scents can potentially calm an individual, increase focus and energize an individual depending on which scent is chosen.

Key Takeaway

Careful consideration of business needs and demographics will lead to a scented, memorable experience for a business and its customers.

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