Restroom Cleaning For Businesses

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Business Hygiene

When a company hires you to clean their facility, the restrooms should be prioritized for many reasons. Customers visiting a facility often make judgments about the company as a whole based on the cleanliness of their restrooms. An unsanitary restroom in a hospital might cause patients and visitors to think that they are in an unsafe atmosphere due to germ exposure. A dirty restroom in a restaurant could cause customers to think that the area used to prepare their meals is germ infested. In some surveys completed with facility executives, over half stated that clean and well stocked restrooms are the most important results that a cleaning service should have over the cleanliness of other areas. Knowing how to properly clean restrooms is important in facilitating customer and worker satisfaction.

Keeping Inventory Stocked

When cleaning at a facility, take inventory of what cleaning products you use and what areas they are to be used in. Cleaning products used in a bathroom might not be able to be used in a kitchen due to potential food contamination. According to OSHA, every employee must be shown what chemicals are being used and the potential hazards. Safety data sheets need to be available for all chemicals being used. Never mix chemicals because the reactions could be fatal.

Transporting Supplies Professionally

When you are ready to begin cleaning the restrooms, gather all supplies needed and put them in your janitorial cart. Make sure that mops are marked for cleaning certain areas. For example, kitchen mops can not be used in other areas due to the possibility of spreading grease that could be slipped on by people without slip resistant shoes. Before entering a restroom, knock on the door to check to make sure nobody is occupying the area. If someone is in there, wait for the area to clear and then block off the entrance and/or put up a sign letting people know that the restroom is closed for cleaning. Place a wet floor sign in an area that is immediately visible when entering any area that will have wet floors.

Safety Measures

Before you start, take a quick scan and note anything that might need extra attention such as extra soiled areas. Put on any safety materials such as gloves, masks, and goggles to keep you safe from potential bio-hazardous materials and/or chemical burns. When cleaning the restroom, remember to follow these steps:

  • Clean top to bottom
  • Clean dry to wet
  • Work toward the exit

These steps will prevent you from getting areas you already cleaned dirty. Before you start, run water in the sink and flush the toilets to check for any clogs that might prevent you from completing your job. If you notice a clog, notify maintenance and avoid cleaning that area until the clog is removed.

Disinfecting Restrooms

The next steps you should take when cleaning restrooms is to spray all surface areas and toilets with a disinfectant. This allows ample time for the germ-killing chemicals to properly sanitize the areas. While the disinfectant is working, use this time to dry sweep the floor and pick up any large debris. Change out trash cans including any small containers in the stalls. Make sure that the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are well stocked. Clean the mirrors with glass cleaner and make sure all streaks and fingerprints are removed. After doing this, clean toilets and wipe down all surfaces. Be sure to clean the faucets and door handles to remove any germs.

Finally, use a designated cleaning solution to mop the floors. Don’t let the solution sit around the edges of the room because it could cause a buildup that is hard to remove. Periodically, wipe down the walls and baseboards if installed. If air sanitizes are installed, change them out as needed. When you are finished, remove any signs you put up and keep the wet floor sign displayed until the floor is dry.

Cleanliness of a restroom is important in any establishment. It creates a safe environment and harbors the baseline of many people’s judgments of the overall cleanliness of a facility. Following these steps will help ensure that the restroom will meet cleanliness standards. For more information about effectively cleaning business restrooms, or to make an appointment, contact Business Hygiene of Central Texas, located in San Marcos, TX.

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