Proper Hygiene: Protect Yourself From Illness At Work

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Biz Hygiene

As cooler seasons approach, colds, flu viruses, and various illnesses begin to climb–especially within the workplace. Protecting yourself from illness at work is possible by implementing a few steps each day you are working with others while ensuring your office or work environment is up to code and remains clean at all times.

Working in Clean Environments

Working in a clean environment is a must if you are actively seeking methods to avoid contamination and to not risk your own health. Create a minimalist space to work in, keeping your desk clear of foods, drinks, and items that belong to coworkers to keep germs at a minimum. Clean your desk daily with wipes or an anti-bacterial spray to avoid collecting a myriad of potential viruses where you spend most of your day. Steer clear of sharing foods or joining in on workplace potlucks during the colder seasons, as these locations are often littered with bacteria and germs that can quickly turn into a cold or flu virus.

Maintain Personal Hygiene in the Workplace

Taking precautions for your own hygiene in the workplace is also necessary to minimize the risk of falling ill anytime you are working with others. Keep hand sanitizer readily available at your desk at all times and be sure to use it after interacting with clients, coworkers, and anyone who visits your workspace. Use hand wipes and wash your hands at regular intervals, especially after using the bathroom.

Avoid Common Areas

Keep a personal box of tissues at your desk to avoid using a public box, which may already contain viruses and germs from others in your building. Remain at your own workspace unless it is required to spend time in conference rooms, kitchens, or public bathrooms.

Wear Protective Clothing in Colder Months

As the colder months approach, wear clothing that covers your skin and keeps you protected with an additional layer of fabric from germs and viruses. Bring your own lunch to avoid mingling with individuals inside of restaurants or within the kitchen while you are at work.

Ensuring Your Office is a Clean Space

While it is extremely helpful to maintain a personal hygiene code of your own, it is equally as important to have an office or workplace that is kept up in terms of cleanliness. If you notice that your workplace’s bathrooms are seldom cleaned or if you experience dirty kitchens and overflowing trash cans, it may be time to speak to an HR representative within your company or to your manager.

Speaking up in a workplace may seem daunting, but it is vital to ensure the safety and health of you and all of your coworkers throughout the year. Most workplaces have codes of health and safety, which is why it is essential to inform bosses and managers of any health concerns regardless of whether you have an outbreak of sickness to deal with or not.

Taking the time to protect yourself from germs and potential viruses any time you are at work is a way to maintain productivity while feeling your healthiest during workdays. With the right combination of preventative hygiene and business sanitation in Central Texas, you are much more likely to avoid the risk of getting sick this winter season. If you would like more information about keeping your workplace clean during the holidays, contact Business Hygiene of Central Texas, located in San Marcos, TX.

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