Preparing Your Business for Covid-19
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Business Hygiene

While a ton of businesses have been shut down, as the economy opens more and more, we will need to start taking steps to ensure that these sites are kept clean and safe. Instead of relying on employees who have other roles, like accountants, front desk clerks, or managers to safely clean up your business, it can be helpful to have a professional janitorial service to take care of the cleanliness and proper preparation of your business for staying safe and reopening. Rather than relying on someone that might not properly clean an area, it can be helpful to ensure that you have someone doing regular cleanings and give you proper cleaning advice during these times.

Give Notice

One important thing to keep in mind during this reopening is to have the proper signs posted at the front door and in the bathroom areas in the entryway. We can provide assistance here, but some posters will differ based on your local statutes and laws. If your local area requires masks for your business, it would be a great idea to post signs stating this, so that your employees do not need to mention it to every single customer that walks in the front door. When it comes to these signs, you will also want to make sure you have hand washing signs posted inside of the bathrooms as well. You want to make sure your signs are in large, clear print, and of course that they can easily be read, since not everyone has great vision, and your goal is to have the highest compliance to them. For this reason, you might also want to make sure that these signs are bilingual, posted in both Spanish and English, and use large graphics that clearly display their purpose and goal.

Offer supplies

Another helpful option as far as the entryway goes, is that you will need to ensure that you have hand sanitizer in all the common areas since you cannot be sure everyone is exercising proper handwashing techniques. One option for this is automatic sensor dispensers, but you can also just use traditional large bottles of hand sanitizers.

Keep it Clean

As well, without a professional janitorial service, it tends to be rare that bathrooms, kitchen areas, front desks, front doors and other areas with high foot traffic and a lot of interactions get cleaned thoroughly. By relying on employees to clean, the countertops and some handles might get cleaned, but the really dirty areas, where germs tend to hide in repositories, tend to not be cleaned very often, and mopped even less. Because of this, cleaning just the surface areas will not take care of the underlying problem. This can be an important part of dealing with coronavirus, since the disease can survive on porous surface for 3-7 days, and on non-porous surfaces a week or longer, meaning that if it is not getting cleaned, it is unlikely it will just go away.

Owning a business is hard, but following guidelines, offering services, and keeping things clean can provide its own set of challenges. By following these tips, your business can get on right path for a proper reopening. If you are looking for professional cleaning services or hygienic tips in the San Marcos area, don’t hesitate to give Business Hygiene a call today!

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