How Touchless Sensors Maintain Office Hygiene
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Business Hygiene

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to take steps to protect the health and safety of your business, for the sake of customers and staff. There are lots of helpful business practices that can be put in place, such as enforcing social distancing and requiring your customers and staff to wear face masks inside. Another helpful practice you can look into is to utilize automatic, touchless fixtures where needed in your building. Touchless fixtures can not only help maintain your business hygiene, they can also cut some small costs along the way.

How Germs Spread

Before looking at fixtures, it’s important to know how viruses and germs spread between people and things. For example, the coronavirus has been shown to spread through the air, such as after a cough, and also by sharing physical items that might have particulates of the virus on them.

Wearing face masks helps prevent airborne transmission. The weak link in the chain then becomes the common places that everyone must touch to go about their daily lives.

These sources of infection can be difficult to clean after every single use without delegating a staff member to that job only. Because of that, automatic, touchless fixtures can become an invaluable resource.

Automatic Faucets

Automatic faucets are one of the most helpful touchless fixtures. When using a regular faucet, everyone must touch the handle to turn on the water flow with their unwashed hands, then wash them, then touch the handle again to turn the water off. This is a process that risks spreading germs between everyone who uses the handle.

Automatic faucets don’t have to be touched at all to turn on. Simply waving your hand underneath the faucet to trigger a sensor will start the water flow. These also turn off automatically, so there’s no need to touch a potentially germ-covered handle after washing your hands.

An added benefit of automatic faucets is that, because they turn off automatically, there’s no way to leave them running. For larger businesses, water usage can become a large bill, and having people’s water usage limited automatically can save quite a lot.

Automatic Toilets

The toilet is an area where germs are not just created by human to human transmission, but also a moist area where they can grow and continue to be troublesome if not thoroughly cleaned. Automatic toilets can help prevent the issues presented by many people touching a handle to flush.

In addition to the boosted hygiene, having automatic toilets has some addition benefits as well. Automatic toilets are made to comply with all ADA regulations, so you won’t have to worry about whether your new ones are compliant.

These also help keep restrooms clean. With automatic toilets, there’s never a forgotten flush that causes odors. Automatic toilets are also set to use a powerful flush, which helps prevent the need for multiple flushes.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic, or touch-free soap dispensers have a variety of benefits. They prevent the need for multiple people to touch a surface with unwashed hands repeatedly.

They also dispense a specific amount, which can limit the amount people use. For example, people may automatically use a pump dispenser three times, while only using an automatic dispenser once, trusting that the amount dispensed is appropriate.

Additionally, the soap canisters in automatic soap dispensers are easy to replace, making refilling them a quick task when cleaning business restrooms.

Automatic Towel Dispensers

The last thing you do after washing your hands is to dry them. Using automatic paper towel dispensers prevents you from having to touch anything after washing your hands.

Automatic paper towel dispensers are also cleaner than air dryers, since they do not spread water particles to the surrounding area. Like automatic soap dispensers, automatic paper towel dispensers are easy to refill.

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