Factors That Influence Office Air Quality

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Business Hygiene

Whether you acknowledge it or not, the air quality of your office is essential. It is not only the air that surrounds you but is also the very air that you breathe. Think about it; if the air from your office is polluted, then that means that you will also intake the polluted air. If the air is clean, then you will intake fresh, clean air. There are many reasons why your office air can be either dirty or clean, so listed below are four of the factors that can influence office air quality.

1. Garbage

How clean are office areas kept? This matters because it has been proven that a dirty environment does only serves to leave a repulsive odor in the atmosphere. These odors can be dangerous and are extremely bad for your health, as they not only pollute the office air but can also leave you with airborne viruses and other pathogens. These health risks associated with being in an unclean environment are the reasons why it is hygienic to ensure that your office space is always free from garbage or waste.

2. Equipment

It is very likely for your office space to take on the smell of any present or stored equipment. This is especially if the equipment includes strong chemicals such as cleaning supplies, paints, or liquids that contain a pungent stench such as gasoline. Although supplies like this do not give off the same odor as garbage, if inhaled for long periods, they can leave a negative impact on your respiratory system. It is wise to store them away in a separate room so that they do not affect the air quality of your office.

3. Dust

Specks of dust are tiny molecules that can accumulate in the office space in the form of airborne particles. They usually settle on office equipment or sometimes float around in the atmosphere. If you inhale air that is filled with dust, it can cause respiratory or cardiovascular health problems. To prevent health problems like these from occurring, it is best to use air purifiers throughout the office. These are air cleaners that remove dust from the atmosphere and help to improve the indoor air quality of offices.

4. Ventilation

Poor ventilation is one of the factors that affect the quality of office air, especially in offices that hold a certain number of staff or employees. In a case like this, your body temperature increases, and it becomes more likely for you to start sweating as your body temperature rises. The odors caused by poor ventilation can create a smelly and unpleasant atmosphere within the office area, which then poorly affects the air that you breathe. To ensure that there is always good quality air flowing through the office, proper ventilation should be installed so that employees can have a suitable working environment which boosts productivity.


When it all comes down to it, it is safe to say that business owners should pay keen attention to the factors that influence the air quality of offices. These factors can significantly impact the lives of the people within the workplace. Offices should be appropriately ventilated, have a storeroom for special equipment, and always be free from dust and garbage. The office air quality is essential, and so is the health of employees.

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