Hygienic Doors: Are These Doors Worth The Hype?

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The Need for Hygienic Doors

Some facilities have rooms that require a strict level of sanitation at all times. These rooms must maintain environments that can’t allow outside particles to contaminate the processes going on internally. Because of this, their entryways are fitted with specialized hygienic doors to help maintain the atmosphere in these designated areas. The construction of these doors are imperative in keeping unwanted particles from entering or exiting the room. All hygienic doors are approved by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) for their safety requirements. There are also many options available for customization based on the needs of the facility.

Where Hygienic Doors are Used

Hygienic doors are used in a variety of locations for entrances to clean rooms. Clean rooms are enclosed spaces in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits. In the medical field, they are used in research rooms, laboratories, and pharmaceutical production facilities. Unwanted particles could inhibit results in controlled situations. Hygienic doors are also used in quarantine areas to keep infectious diseases isolated from the external environment. In industrial fields, they are used in manufacturing of computer parts and in facilities that remove data from hard drives. They are also used in rooms for food production to prevent the food from getting contaminated.

How Hygienic Doors Work

There are many core components to hygienic doors. They are extremely strong, durable, and built to last. The features of the door are important because this is the only barrier protecting the environment in the clean room from external contaminants. The material they are made of does not allow bacteria to grow. They are unaffected by moisture and fire and heat resistant meaning they will not mold, rust, swell, crack, or deteriorate in extreme conditions. The composure of the doors will not break down with regular use of cleaning chemicals. All hygienic doors are flush and seamless to create a protective seal. This ensures that once the doors are closed, they don’t allow any unwanted materials get through.

Customization of Hygienic Doors

Hygienic doors also have a variety of options that customized for the type of environment they are used for. The doors could be manual or automatic. If manual, there is an option for push or pull handles on one or both sides. They could be single or double leaf doors and open inward, outward, or both. If in a higher security facility, they could be fitted with a panic bar and have alarm triggered opening and closing. Optimal radiation protection is also available if needed. They are available in many colors and could be constructed to fit a variety of frames. From medical uses to food production, there are many options available for keeping facilities clean and sanitized.

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