Why You Should Get Touchless Fixtures For Your Business Restroom
Advice from your office hygiene company in San Marcos TX

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Business Hygiene

With rising levels of sickness in our communities, one of the best ways we can keep our friends and families safe, as well as our businesses afloat, is to minimize the amount of germs spread. More and more people are becoming aware of how frequently we touch common surfaces, and one way your business can say “we care” is by completely eliminating some of the surfaces. By installing touchless appliances and fixtures, you are investing in the health of yourself, your community, and your business.

The Rules of Hand Washing

One aspect of daily life that has been promoted more than ever is the frequent washing of hands. One of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of bacteria is by thoroughly washing your hands throughout the day and especially before and or after activities like cooking, touching public surfaces, petting or feeding an animal, taking out the trash, and of course – going to the restroom. The CDC has laid out instructions on how and when to wash your hands, highlighting the importance of lathering your hands and rubbing them together, cleaning every part, for at least 20 seconds. Now, more than ever, we are understanding the importance of reducing the spread of disease by washing your hands many times throughout the day.

Why Go Touchless

With societies new found appreciation for cleanliness, it is important to identify some of the sneaky ways germs can make their way into our lives and reduce their spread even further. One of these areas include the bulk soap dispensers that many business restrooms use. In fact, studies have shown that as many as 25% of these bulk dispensers are excessively contaminated with harmful pathogens and various bacteria. One way to eliminate the spread of germs even further is by installing a touchless soap dispenser that is motion sensor operated. Such a small shift in your business can help reduce the spread of these harmful pathogens ensuring that your employees and clients stay as safe and germ free as possible while in your establishment.

Touchless Options

There are several available and economical options that can make switching your appliances to touchless very simple and affordable.

Touchless Soap – By installing touch free soap dispensers in your business restrooms, you are reducing the amount of germ spread by that much more! Your clients will be that much more motivated to frequently wash their hands when there is as little contact as possible with the dispenser.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer – In addition to the soap dispensers in the restroom, having touchless hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance and throughout your business motivates your employees and clients to frequently make use of them. This also helps keep a general state of mindfulness in your business that can motivate everyone to reduce the spread of germs.

Touchless Faucet – Having faucets in the restroom that are sensor activated is another way of reducing surface contact and, in turn, the spread of germs throughout your business.

Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser – And while you’re benefiting from the touchless soap and water faucets, consider going the extra mile for your business with paper towel dispensers or hand dryers. These further reduce the contact in your restroom where many germs can live, helping yourself, your employees, and your clients stay healthy!

If you’re looking for restroom cleaning chemical in San Marcos, Texas or surrounding areas, consider contacting Business Hygiene today!

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