Tips to Help Employees Maintain Office Cleanliness Etiquette

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Business Hygiene

An office, being a workplace, needs to inspire productivity among all employees. And keeping the internal and external surroundings clean comes in handy while promoting a productive and holistic working environment. However, the constant limitation all offices face, whether small or large, is the means and tactics to achieve a high level of cleanliness. Below are some starting points to help employees maintain a clean working environment.

Hygiene Policy

Creating a workplace hygiene policy is an effective way to maintain office cleanliness and tidiness. Workplace hygiene would include the provision of cleaning and hygiene supplies to the employees. The placement of hand sanitizers or alcohol in strategic positions would help ensure that employees regularly clean their hands after interactions with others or after visiting sanitary facilities within the workplace. A work-from-home policy for ailing employees would also help curb the spread of diseases within the workplace.

Disposal of Waste and Garbage

After a long day of work, used material may accumulate at the workplace. Waste material and garbage collected over the day can be a significant cause of untidiness. Consequently, garbage can lead to unpleasant odors and even orchestrate rodent infestation. Therefore, employees should ensure that all garbage is appropriately disposed of after a day’s work.

Clearing Away Clutter

A cluttered office can render most employees less enthusiastic or project a poor first impression if a visitor stops by your office. Emphasis on keeping the desktop well organized at all times is necessary. There are many tips to keep the office clutter-free, including discarding unnecessary office supplies, filing papers regularly, and organizing personal items.

Restroom Etiquette

The bathrooms should always be fitted with aerosol air fresheners and toilet cleaners to maintain a good fragrance and kill off odor. Adding signage to remind employees to wash their hands to prevent the spread of disease as well as to throw away any trash they create while using the bathroom can also be a great addition.

Eating at the Cubicle

Time can be a significant constraint for employees. Because there are only so many hours in a day, and lunch breaks are usually only 30 minutes long, employees commonly eat lunch at their desks. However, eating at the desk comes with drawbacks as crumbs and food particles are deposited into the workspace this way, leaving a chance for invasion of bacteria as well as pests. Employees should ensure that all food scraps and related waste is disposed of in a trash can.

Tidying Floors

Open office spaces may be cluttered with cables and cords or unwanted documents and files on the floor. These cords may be entangled while cleaning and may present a potential trip hazard to people working in the office. To avoid this, the janitorial team should ensure that all electrical cables and cords are secured to minimize accidents in the workplace.


Productivity and profitability are paramount to every business, and this is dependent on the performance of employees. Keeping a clean workplace contributes to the excellent health of the employees, which consequently promotes productivity. If you are an employer looking to promote productivity, it could be in the best interest of your business to invest in cleaning services for your business. Applying the above tips could go a long way in ensuring that you promote a happy and healthy work environment.

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