The Benefits of Air Freshening

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Business Hygiene

Everyone knows that fear: Warily walking into a business, desperately needing to use the restroom, but scared to death of the scents that await. Perhaps you even strayed away from businesses you know that doesn’t have a clean smelling environment. Scents themselves are strongly linked to memories, and can stay with people for a lifetime. Having a awful smelling office or bathroom can leave a negative impression on your clients and customers. One of the ways you can combat these pungent odors in the business environment is to install air freshening devices or have a freshening service come in regularly. Are you a little skeptical about how useful or important air freshening can be? Well here are several benefits that come with having a fresher, cleaner work environment.

Good smells, good memories:
Pleasant smells have been confirmed to enhance and create stronger memories. The nerve connected to your sense of smell is located close to the amygdala, the area of the brain that is linked to emotional memories. Having a good smelling environment can leave happier, stronger and lasting memories of your work place for your employees and customers as well. We want to reinforce cleanliness through aromatic scents.

Neutralizes bad odors:
Having our air fresheners in your office will not just cover up the odors already present, but they will actually eliminate any odors in the area. That way, you’re not smelling intermingling odors, which can be unpleasant.

Varieties & options:
Do you prefer the office to be scented in various intervals, or would you rather have more control over when your office is freshened? Business Hygiene has many different application choices for our clients to choose from, from gels, to t-cells. We also have a plethora of scents for you to choose from as well.

With all the choices and options we have available, we make it easy to place and adjust our fresheners virtually anywhere in your office. Whether you’d like your freshener to be placed in areas with more foot traffic, or tucked away in less visited areas, we’ll make sure you have fresh air where you need it.

Assistance and maintenance:
Our technicians have years of experience and will make sure that your needs are assessed; we want to make sure your business looks and smells as good as it should be.

These options make it clear why air freshening can impact your business in a good way. If you’re in the Central Texas area and in of need air freshening/cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to give Business Hygiene a call at 512-396–3486! We promise to help you make your business look, smell AND be as beautiful as possible!

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