Why Restroom Management is Good for Your Business
From A San Marcos Janitorial Supply Company

There are so many facets to running a business. You have to focus on branding, clientele, staffing, work space, expenses, taxes, insurance, and the list goes on and on. It can be easy, with this laundry list of tasks and checklists, to forget about taking care of the basics. However, forgetting the basics, like restroom management, could be detrimental to your business on many fronts.

Maintaining Your Image

When you are running a business, everything any client comes in contact with is a representation of your company. You want your best people putting their best foot forward in an effort to create an image that is consistent company wide. You would not want your best client, or any client for that matter, conversing with an associate that is slouchily dressed, hair a mess, with bad breath. You have high expectations for those people, and you should have high expectations for the restrooms in your work space as well. This is especially true for the service and restaurant industry. Patrons are already putting a lot of trust into your business by consuming food that is prepared in an area that they can’t see, unable to judge the sanitation of the kitchen. When they walk into an unclean restroom that is owned and kept up by the same people that are running the kitchen where their food is being prepared, would that not give anyone hesitation?


A popular Hollywood slogan says, “any publicity is good publicity.” This is not true for running a business. In today’s social media, google driven world, online reviews, tags, and posts are king! A couple of poor reviews online can follow your company forever and can greatly affect its life span all together. Unsanitary restrooms are begging for negative shout outs online. In fact, it does not even need to be unsanitary, but just looking anything but clean might be enough to give people the wrong impression.

Man Down

Restrooms really are a hotbed for germs. Aside for what restrooms are intended for, think about all the other factors. Someone needs to blow their nose? Restroom. Feeling ill? Restroom. Need something thrown away? Restroom. Without properly and consistently cleaning and sanitizing this area, you are not only putting your clients at risk, but your employees as well. It costs you money to have your employees out sick, and if you can avoid it by keeping a sanitary work space, you should take that upon yourself. This will not just benefit the people in your company, but your company simply runs better with people operating at one hundred percent.

It is not terribly hard to set up a cleaning schedule and maintain a sanitary base line for your company restroom. Going above and beyond by creating a pleasant environment with decent lighting and decor is the equivalent of saying to your clients and employees, “I care about you. Here’s some soft toilet paper and a scented candle. Have a great day.” And what a great message to be able to send to the people that matter to the lifeblood of your company. Call Business Hygiene today for all your restroom cleaning supplies!

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