The Best Mop For Your Business
Finding the Right Cleaning Supplies in San Marcos

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Business Hygiene

Mopping is one of those cleaning tasks that can take a room from looking clean-ish to that spic and span sparkle that we all love. And in a world where we are often overwhelmed with options, choosing the right mop is no different. While it might seem like a menial decision, knowing that you have the right mop to meet your needs is an important part of running a professional environment.

Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber is made up of a dense combinations of polyester and polyamide. These woven together fibers create a substance that is able to easily trap moisture, dirt, dust, and other forms of debri that dirty up your floors. With a wide and flat shaped mop head, this is a great option for quickly and thoroughly cleaning large surfaces. Microfiber mops use anywhere from ten to twenty times less liquid than a traditional cotton mop, allowing your company to use less resources in the cleaning process. This minimal use of water and chemicals also creates a more sanitary post clean up situation, instead of wheeling around a bucket full of dirty germ infested water.

In addition to the actual mopping process, microfiber mop heads are easy to clean and can be used again and again saving you and your company time and money and reducing the amount of trash created. These lightweight easy to use mops are great for professional workspaces! Productivity is one of the most important parts of a successful business, and your cleaning supplies and routine should not be any different.

Sponge Mop

For uneven surfaces like tile, you might consider using a sponge mop. Most sponge mops come standard with a removable head and a wringer attached. While sponge mops are initially a low priced option for cleaning and are advertised as disposable heads that can be used several times, be aware of the state of your sponge mop head. Sponges are notorious for being a hotbed of germs and bacteria, and you certainly do not want your company’s storage closet to be a host for them. When your sponge mop head starts to look a little rugged or discolored, you will want to change it out for a new one. This will need to be done frequently.

Steam Mop

Steam mops are another sanitary option that do a great job of disinfecting the surface it is cleaning, but these are not nearly as cost effective. Because the tank is refillable and it heats the water up after it is filled, you are not left with an open bucket of dirty water to dispose of. Everything is compartmentalized into one single product that can be used to thoroughly clean your floors.

Warning: Steam mops should not be used on hardwood or laminate flooring as these surfaces are susceptible to moisture.

Consider what is best for you and your company when choosing what style of mop to use. Take into account floor type, surface area, storage space, clean up, and resources. Try out a few of these options and choose the kind that is suited for your business.

Additional Janitorial Supplies in San Marcos TX

Practicing good business hygiene is about more than simply keeping the floors clean. Are you looking for your next air freshener for business use? Besides just mops, see our complete list of products we use to keep businesses clean.

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